A Biblical solution to health care since 1994

1994 Humble beginning

Founder Ted Pittenger responds to God’s call and starts Samaritan Ministries International. Ten households start sharing medical needs.

1995 First big test

The ministry passes its first real financial test as members share a $10,000 medical need. The need is met in full.

2004 The ministry grows

As membership reaches 10,000 households and the number of employees increase, the need for a larger space was apparent, leading to the purchase of a building in Peoria, Illinois.

2010 Direct sharing protected

The Affordable Care Act required most US citizens to have health insurance. Members of health care sharing ministries are given an exemption from the mandate.

2013 Morning Center opens

Samaritan Ministries opens new doors to provide Christ-centered prenatal through postpartum maternity care to women in need.

2019 Celebrating 25 years

Samaritan Ministries celebrates 25 years of service to its members, as Christians bear one another’s burdens through health care sharing.


A heart of service

Samaritan Ministries is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors. Leadership throughout the ministry is committed to honoring God and fostering a Biblical community through health care.

Our leadership team

Ted Pittenger


Mark Zander

Chief Executive Officer

Will Cooper

Chief Operating Officer

Douglas Winkler

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Grimm

Chief Talent Officer

Brian Heller

Chief Legal Counsel

Anthony Hopp

Chief Purpose Officer

Rob Waldo

Chief Administrative Officer

God is weaving a tapestry that involves each of our lives. God is building His Kingdom, and we get to participate by joining Him in His work.

Ted A. Pittenger, Founder, Samaritan Ministries International