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Share some of these images with your social media networks

Samaritan staff

Here are 15 images you can use to communicate the beauty of health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries with your social media friends and audiences.…

Merry Christmas from the Samaritan Board and staff

Samaritan Board and Staff

Health care sharing members don’t want health insurance

Samaritan staff

There’s one fact members of Samaritan Ministries International want you to know: Samaritan members are glad that they don’t have health insurance. …

An Advent meditation: The light is life

Peter Leithart

Because light dispels darkness, it exposes us who are covered in darkness. And when we are exposed, we are ashamed.…

Member letter: 'It really was better than Christmas'

Samaritan members

Throughout the month of January my husband and I watched with joy as encouraging notes came in with the Shares.…

Member Spotlight: 'Essential oil guy' Dr. Eric Zielinski talks about the essence of his message

Kathryn Nielson

Dr. Eric Zielinski, known online as "Dr. Z," became the go-to “essential oil guy” by providing quality educational materials that use an evidence-based approach.…