You can help other members through the Member Assistance Fund

By Samaritan staff  ·  Nov 03, 2021

These letters and stories are all from members blessed by Member Assistance giving. Classic-Basic members can donate using the back of their Share assignment, and all our members can contribute online via MinistryLinq at

Every month we share approximately $30 million in medical Needs. However, every month $1 million in bills don’t qualify for sharing and are still financial burdens for members.

Read how fellow members have been helped by Member Assistance Fund contributions.

We received a check today for $560 from Samaritan Ministries for our Special Prayer Need. It has been amazing seeing checks come in and hearing from many believers wanting to help us with our medical bills. We feel blessed. At least 58 individuals wrote us and sent us money for our Special Prayer Need. That is not counting those who gave and were a part of this last $560 check from Samaritan. We are grateful that God has helped us through your ministry and the generous gifts of His people. In total, we have received $2,315 towards our $8,450 Special Prayer Need. That is over 25%. Of course, this is on top of all that we received when Rose's cancer Need was being shared. We are grateful for Rose's continued good health and for how God continues to provide through your ministry.—Nebraska 
We recently submitted a Special Prayer Need for our daughter, who went through an expensive dental procedure. As members, we understand it’s not shareable as a regular Need. However, today I went to my mailbox and was moved to tears by the cards, prayers, and checks sent to help aid in our burden. To know that there are several members praying for our daughter is priceless! With a GRATEFUL heart we appreciate your gifts of kindness! We love our Samaritan family!South Carolina

We received an amazingly generous Special Prayer Need gift from Chris and Amber in Michigan for $500. We are so grateful for their note reminding us that it is God who “guided and provided for” the amount. ... Because of Chris and Amber, we are again reminded and prompted to seek opportunities to give generously, knowing our God takes care of us, over and above, and we can trust Him. ... And one last thing, Chris and Amber’s note said they had experienced similar issues and would be intentionally praying for us. That is a treasure in and of itself!—Michigan
It is hard to find words to express the effect that your prayers, notes, and gifts have had upon our family. We have been so humbled by the love and generosity shown to us by our brothers and sisters (many in Montana and North Dakota) who have helped us with the Special Prayer Need we submitted for the birth of our firstborn, Dietrich. We've had two regular Needs shared but there is truly something special about an SPN and the gracious way the Lord provides. My husband and I pray the Lord blesses you all double how you have blessed us.—Virginia