Books by Samaritan members

by Michael Miller  ·  Jun 15, 2022

Following are descriptions of books recently published by Samaritan Ministries members.

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A Bridge of Hope: Finding Peace in the Pain of Losing a Child

By Camilla Neff

A Bridge of Hope tells the heart-wrenching story of the loss of Camilla Neff’s first full-term baby girl, Serena Nadine, who died unexpectedly during delivery. With compassion and empathy for grieving parents everywhere, Neff describes the raw emotions and anguish that she faced.

She shares the deeply personal journey of wading through the layers of grief and pain that engulfed her, to learning to live again in a new reality after her world was shattered.

The journey of grief, especially in losing a child, can be lonely and feel utterly hopeless. Neff’s greatest desire for bereaved mothers is that her experience will give them hope that it is possible to live a fruitful life beyond the catastrophic.

Are you walking through a deep tunnel that is so dark that you feel suffocated by the intensity of the blackness? Do you feel like there’s a hole in your heart, one that no temporary joy, no empathy or intended comfort can ever fill?

Do you wonder how you will survive just one more day, one more hour, even one more moment, with such debilitating pain of heart, agony of soul and torment of mind?

If you experienced significant loss and live with these emotions every day, then A Bridge of Hope may be the conduit for healing that you've been longing for.

Humanly Speaking: The Evil of Abortion, the Silence of the Church, and the Grace of God

by Michael Spencer

Humanly Speaking will help you stand for life by bringing clarity to the role of Christians in an abortion-supportive culture and by unmasking the destructive thinking that has effectively created two classes of human beings within the Church; those we value and protect, and those we regard as unworthy of our gospel influence and ignore.

Randy Alcorn and Stephanie Anderson, authors of Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?, write, "Humanly Speaking presents a compelling case for the humanity and dignity of the unborn and calls the church to respond accordingly."

Divine Glory from our Darkest Story: How God’s Grace Illuminated the Darkness of Childhood Cancer

by Audrey Goodpaster

Plunged into the despair of their son Jonathan’s brain cancer at age 2, Audrey and Nathan Goodpaster were also plunged into God’s abundant grace. As Audrey recounts their journey through their little boy’s surgery and treatment, she shares her fears, struggles, and even doubts as God led them each step of the way.

Leaving their missionary assignment in the Philippines for two years and resettling their family of six in the Cincinnati area was no small feat. Yet the bigger feat was navigating the ups and downs of Jonathan’s chemo treatment with all its setbacks and side effects. How this family clung to each other and to God’s promises for welfare and not calamity will give readers a renewed sense of how God is ever present in our times of trouble. It is this presence in all its divine glory that Audrey bears witness to.

The Long Road Home

by William Craig

The Long Road Home is a story about a young man who heads out west with a belly full of pride and self-reliance only to fall headlong into foolishness and crash to the ground with his face in the mud. There he learns the things that are really important. Through repentance, redemption, reconciliation, and restoration, he learns that faith, family, and friends require love, sacrifice, and commitment.