Gospel comfort for caregivers

By Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage  ·  Mar 24, 2022

I wasn’t looking to become a family caregiver, nor did I think I was particularly well-equipped to be one. Nevertheless, as my parents aged, I naturally fell into the role. My father, who lived nearby, was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer at the age of 81. My mother, who lives a six-hour drive away, was hospitalized for atrial fibrillation, then, several years later, required a total knee replacement.

I became a part-time caregiver to both of them, waiting at the hospital during surgeries, assisting with post-surgical care, accompanying my dad to oncologist’s appointments, and helping them both navigate the medical maze that is modern health care. When our 23-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor during the same season that my dad’s health radically deteriorated, my role as caregiver expanded; work and leisure were shoved to the side.

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