How 'curing' Down syndrome impoverishes us all

By Jay Hobbs  ·  Sep 22, 2020

Just 5 years old, Julie Tennant was at the grocery store with her mother when a homeless man walked in. Though Julie’s mother, Barb, stood grappling with an understandable swirl of emotions—pity, protectiveness, and even physical revulsion — Julie’s reaction was much more to the point.

Breaking free from her mother, Julie bolted straight to the stranger, throwing her arms around him in a beautifully unforeseen embrace.

Caught off-guard by the whole scene, Barb moved to pry her daughter off the haggard man. Half apologizing for Julie’s impulsiveness, Barb was already visualizing the bath her child would need the instant they got home. That’s when the man’s words stopped Barb in her tracks.

“Lady,” he said. “I can’t tell you the last time somebody wanted to hold me.”

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