How HealingStrong helped Angelica

by Michael Miller  ·  Nov 17, 2022

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HealingStrong’s open-minded approach to treatment for cancer first attracted Angelica “Gel” Pascual of Houston, Texas, to the group after she had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2015.

Gel found out about HealingStrong from a flyer she came across while being treated at a nontraditional clinic in 2016.

“What pulled me in was the faith-based aspect,” she says. “Not only did I find people that were treating their cancer holistically, I also found them to be successful, faithful, and hopeful. We were all trusting God in every step of the way because this way is different from what most cancer patients are taking.”

HealingStrong inspired Gel so much that she felt comfortable sharing her own story, encouraging fellow warriors and collaborating with influencers. Within a few years, she became a co-leader for her local group, and eventually, a regional mentor for leaders in other areas.

She says HealingStrong helps her physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

“HealingStrong provides a safe place where I can pour my heart out and there is no judgment here,” she says. “We need that emotional support and mental rest.

“Ultimately what we want is a closer relationship with the Healer, not just the healing,” Gel says. “That’s what I want to do also for the others.”

Michael Miller is editor of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter.