How your donations help members with Special Prayer Needs

by Samaritan Ministries staff  ·  Nov 14, 2022

Many members regularly receive help from our Member Assistance Fund. Here are a few of their stories. Please don’t forget to donate to the fund through your Share slip or on our donation page.

A ‘hug from God’

Samaritan Ministries member Valerie from received a “hug from God” for a Special Prayer Need through the donations of others.

The Missouri woman has been seeing doctors for chronic health issues and needed financial help for supplements and doctor bills that weren’t shareable as normal Needs under Samaritan’s Guidelines.

“My finances were running low,” Val says. “I was getting behind and I still had more medical Needs coming up.”

She submitted her bills to be shared as a Special Prayer Need and money from members began arriving.

“It was my ‘hug from God’ that month,” Val says, “that bit of encouragement I needed that God was continuing to provide for my needs through people I had never met but who were willing to be a blessing to a complete stranger.”

She says the process was “smooth and easy.”

“I was truly touched with how caring the Samaritan staff member who talked with me was and how helpful they were in trying to make sure I got the financial help I needed.”

Val encourages other Samaritan members to donate regularly to the Member Assistance Fund “if for nothing else than to be an encouragement and blessing to someone else.”

“They can know that, while they can’t take away the sickness, pain, or suffering that a member is dealing with, they can at least help ease the financial burden of a fellow sister or brother in Christ,” she says.

Other messages from grateful members:

As missionaries living on the field, we live off support from the church and individual donors. Our income varies from month to month and things can be tight sometimes. When this dental need arose, it seemed to be a big burden for our family. We have trusted God financially for 5 years while on the mission field and he has always provided, and we knew He would this time as well. We reached out to Samaritan to see if we could share this as a Special Prayer Need and you so graciously did. Thank you. God has continued to provide for this Need, and we are so blessed by the generosity of other members and their kind notes. Thank you for helping us in this way.
Jessica, Idaho

I will be honest to say that I had low expectations on what I might receive with my Special Prayer Need. My prayer need was posted in the March newsletter. I was very surprised when my husband brought in the mail and handed me personal cards. Most cards included touching notes and promises to pray along with their checks. I cannot tell you what those notes meant and the encouragement they brought to my husband and I as we read them daily, often with tears in our eyes. As the frequency of mail increased, we were astounded! The checks ranged from $25 to even two $1,000 checks from the gracious Samaritan family. As I read each note, I exclaimed over and over, ‘The people of God are AMAZING!’ And I began to realize exactly what it means to be a part of the Samaritan family. It truly is a ministry, but so much more. It is a family, a huge network of godly people who care about the needs of total strangers. To date, I have received 271 gifts from the caring Samaritan members. Words cannot express my awe and my gratitude. May God bless each of you back who gave in a Luke 6:38 way: "Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!"

Rhonda, Virginia