Member letters: 'Always hope in the Lord'

By Samaritan members  ·  Nov 18, 2021

My words might fail to adequately convey my robust enthusiasm for this model of health care provision! I am so thankful for the courage and vision of Ted Pittenger and the others who founded Samaritan Ministries. Having the freedom to spend our resources for health care as we deem best is not only vital to encouraging financial responsibility for our choices but also encourages us to make better and healthier choices! I would rather spend my monthly budget on the routine things that promote health than on outrageous health insurance premiums from which I rarely received any commensurate benefit.
The process of directly giving and receiving help from each other is quite remarkable, and yet so simple! This year I have benefitted from receiving, and I am humbled and grateful. It takes courage to step away from that broken system as we all fear some unexpected expensive health care bill. It has been freeing to no longer be part of health insurance. Our God promised to provide for our needs before insurance was anybody’s idea. I have learned to have courage and peace in this health care model as I trust Him to work it out.
One of my favorite quotes is from George Mueller: “God has 10,000 different ways at 10,000 different times to provide what you need. Always hope in the Lord.” I have found that to be 100% true. It gives God such joy and glory when we trust Him­—and what a testimony to the world around us! The old health care system is broken. I am so grateful each month to read in the Newsletter about the godly men and women who are implementing God’s solutions so that we have better choices! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Samaritan Ministries family. 

Carolyn, South Carolina

I have been a member of Samaritan Ministries for several years now and I would be in a very sad way had I not joined. My husband is on disability and I am retired with a pension, so medical insurance is too expensive to fit our budget. We would be financially strapped if not for Samaritan Ministries. Regular, routine stuff isn’t too bad, but sudden ones are killers! Thanks to Samaritan Ministries, their wonderful members, and their many prayers, I can live my retirement years with less stress.

Rhonda, Oregon