Member letter: Experience overcomes skepticism

Samaritan members

I’m so glad my family heard about, researched, and joined Samaritan in 2009. I remember that even after making the decision we still had a “trust but verify” attitude.

I wanted to believe Christians “bearing one another’s burdens” was possible and sustainable, but my husband was more of a skeptic. The insurance-driven system was all he knew, so he readily accepted what insurance companies and doctors said, and just couldn’t believe there was another way that could work without bankrupting families.

The month we joined there were 13,504 memberships and $2,968,869 in Needs shared. Three years in, we experienced our first Need. Frightened that chest pains might be heart-related, my husband went to the ER at our local hospital. Three hours and $3,055 later, we learned it wasn’t his heart. A few lifestyle changes were needed, and he would recover from extreme acid reflux.

Members met our financial Need and demonstrated that Christians praying for and supporting one another genuinely work. Fueled by personal experience we tried to explain to our friends, but most of them just couldn’t seem to make the transition.

Every month I would see the number of memberships and Needs increase. I enjoyed the newsletter articles that sought to inform and strengthen Christian families.

This is our tenth year as members. As of March, there were 81,988 memberships and $29,080,877 in Needs shared! Since becoming members we’ve sent shares to 113 households in 37 states, and received Shares from 25 households in 17 states. Based on what we were paying for monthly insurance premiums, we believe we’ve saved well over $100,000 by making the switch to Samaritan.

The member banquet held in Arizona this spring was another important experience. We sat with three couples we’d never met before, and the more we talked, the more we appreciated how each was seeking to provide for their families and minister to others with God’s inspiration and direction.

—John and Brenda, Arizona

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