Member letter: 'God has blessed me in so many ways'

Samaritan member

God has blessed me in so many ways, starting with a loving family. I was also blessed to own and operate three pharmacies. Now in semi-retirement, I continue to enjoy good health and the ability to work as a consultant and set my schedule.

I also feel extremely blessed to have found Samaritan Ministries to replace an egregious Obamacare insurance policy that was draining us financially despite the poor coverage. Little did we know when we joined Samaritan that we had not only found a great way to directly share needs, but we were becoming part of a wonderful Christian community that showered us with love and prayers.

Praise God my broken wrist has healed, and I’m also fully recovered from skin cancer. He blesses us in so many ways, and Samaritan has been one of those unexpected but very welcome blessings.

Gary and Ruth, North Carolina

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