Member letter: 'privilege and joy to help someone'

Samaritan member

We have been members now for almost 20 years, and have been blessed through several Needs that were shared. It’s also a privilege and joy to be able to help someone with their Need each month.

We appreciate the help and prayers from the staff when we contact them, as well as the notes and prayers of the members who sent us their Share.

Herb was able to celebrate his 90th birthday with family after getting out of the hospital. There have been some hard times but he is doing well now. We praise God for answers to prayer and the many ways He has met our needs. Samaritan Ministries and the members have been so faithful to us through the years, and we thank God we are part of a truly Christian health sharing ministry. We pray God’s blessing on the future of this ministry. Thank you!

— Herb and Jane, Ohio

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