Member letter: Samaritan members' support made toddler's illness bearable

Samaritan member

Words cannot describe how grateful to God we are for Samaritan Ministries. Our 2-year-old son had to have multiple heart surgeries and we found ourselves with larger medical Needs than we ever dreamed possible, but both the staff and members at Samaritan made it so much more bearable. Galatians 6:2 became a deep and profound reality in our lives.

While we were navigating a whole new world of surgeries, life, support, and ICU, we didn’t have to worry about the extra stresses that come with insurance companies. The freedom to do what is in the best interest of the patient is priceless. We would hear about the nightmares that other people were having with insurance and would offer up another prayer of thanksgiving for Samaritan.

The prayer support during this time has been both humbling and awe-inspiring. The staff at Samaritan were always willing to pray for us for whatever needs we had that day, and they were so comforting and reassuring as we talked to them. They did everything they could to help us through this journey.

And, until you are the recipient of all the notes of encouragement from thousands of other members who are praying for your family, you can’t really know how precious they really are. We appreciated the time people put into the letters as they were a breath of fresh air to us. Samaritan not only meets physical needs but spiritual and emotional needs as well. We are so thankful for how God had worked in our lives through this ministry.

—Matthew & Jacqueline, Iowa

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