Member letter: 'Talking, being prayed for was such a comfort'

Samaritan members

After 25 years working in health care as an occupational therapist, I was blessed with the opportunity to start a small business. One of our greatest concerns was what we would do about health insurance. The exchange was estimating over $1,500 a month for premiums and the coverage was quite limited. By God’s blessing a friend told us about Samaritan. We were afraid of the unknown, but we could no longer put up with the broken health care system.

We had good health in our first year of membership but this year had physical therapy and a tonsillectomy for our daughters. I was apprehensive about the Need process but talking with the Samaritan team and being prayed for was such a comfort. Our bills have been paid and knowing we are part of this amazing ministry is such a gift.

—Robert & Shelly, Missouri

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