Member letters: 'It's way better than insurance!'

Samaritan members

I recently had an insurance telemarketer call me and try to sell me insurance. I said that I’m involved in a Christian health care sharing ministry. He said, “You know, that’s not insurance,” which prompted me to say, “I know! It’s way better than insurance.”

I’m very thankful we can come alongside each other and share the burden of medical expenses. I recently experienced chest pains, and Samaritan members met my Need. I’m so blessed to be involved in this ministry.

—Tim, Indiana

I so appreciate that my money is not going for abortions with Samaritan. The Need I had was handled accurately and in a timely manner. The personal notes and prayers are so special, unlike the cold, business-only experience I had with insurance. This ministry is such a blessing.

—Sally, Michigan

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