Member letters relate work of God in Samaritan members' lives

Samaritan member

I have been so blessed to see that some members have contributed multiple times to my Special Prayer Need. In fact, I bumped into one of them at the Member Appreciation event in Dallas. I sent him a Christmas card because I really appreciated his willingness to foster a relationship with me and other members. That’s how the Body of Christ is supposed to behave.

Paul, Texas

Samaritan Ministries has been life-changing for my family. I was keeping my job as a nurse at the hospital primarily because of the insurance, which would have been so much more expensive for my self-employed husband to buy.

Now I am able to be a stay-at-home mom with my children. I don’t worry about the burden of catastrophic medical expenses, and with Samaritan I’ve learned the ins and outs of getting a fair price. I’m especially thankful I didn’t have to worry about a financial burden for my pregnancy. I am proud to be a member of Samaritan and would recommend it to anyone.

Desiree, Missouri

When my doctor gave me the news of a serious medical condition the first thing I did was request prayer from my church. I’m so thankful family and friends and Samaritan members joined in praying for me. The support I received was fantastic.

God has been and continues to be very merciful and gracious to me. He has provided for me financially through ongoing work and fellow Samaritan members to pay the mutitude of medical bills.

I also received a significant price reduction on a CT scan because of the new partnership with Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions. I hope that pilot project turns into something that can help more members.  I’m praying for a fair price from the hospital as well.

Mark & Jo Ann, Illinois

As a pastor used to raising funds for ministry, joining Samaritan’s health care sharing made perfect sense to me. Sharing costs to glorify God resonated with my wife as well, and there were significant savings over what we were paying for insurance. We were encouraged by the concept and happily sent out our card and Share to others each month.   

Then a crisis hit! After an emergency hospitalization for what appeared to be a stroke, the realization sunk in that I really was personally responsible for the mounting charges. The first bill was over $30,000!

My wife called Samaritan and was reassured. The Samaritan advocate even prayed for us before the phone call ended.

Now we were armed with the knowledge that we could leverage a fair price as cash-paying patients. We received at least 40 percent reductions on all bills and uploaded them to Dash.

It was so comforting to know that people all over the country prayed for me as they sent their Shares. I’m so thankful for Samaritan members and staff being God’s hands and feet when our family needed it. God bless Samaritan Ministries.

Frank & Rosanne, Illinois

We are so grateful for the gifts to our Special Prayer Need.

I also wanted to let you know we decided to opt out of Medicare part B and stay with Samaritan, for the following reasons:

We also don’t want part D because we prefer to avoid drugs anyway.

We’d rather give to individuals than send money to government.

We appreciate the spiritual aspects of supporting each other.

It seems so much more God honoring.

We know Samaritan works!

Thank you so much for serving in this ministry.

Richard & Kathleen, Nebraska

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