Messages from our Facebook Group

By Samaritan members  ·  Apr 21, 2022

The following are messages that were posted in the Samaritan Ministries Community Facebook Group of how God has provided through you. Praise Him as you read on!

Theodore holds a bag of notes from members sharing his Need in 2014.

This is Theodore. He is holding a bag full of notes from Samaritan members from 2014. This little guy had surgery at 1 day old, spent 49 days in the NICU, and battled allergies and gut issues for years. He’s now a 7-year-old solid muscle man and mama is finally ready to let go of these notes of prayers and encouragement. My hope chest is filling up and I need the room for new memories. Please know that your gifts and letters make a difference in the lives of the people you are sending them to!

Annie, New York

McKenna Cassia is held by her parents, Brady and Malynda.

Baby #4 is here! McKenna Cassia was born on Tuesday morning, January 25, 2022, weighing in at 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 19 inches long. She is beautiful, healthy, and is ready to have fun with her brothers and sister. Malynda is the most amazing mommy to our four kiddos. Our oldest son, Major, is already taking McKenna under his wing! Thank you, Lord, for giving our family new life.

(Also, when we called Samaritan Ministries to add McKenna to our membership , the amazing lady who took our call prayed Jesus’ blessing over us. You truly can’t ask for a better health care sharing partnership than SMI!)

Brady, Alabama

I am so blessed! My $11,000 dollar hospital bill has been paid! Thank you all, you beautiful people!! Praise Jesus Christ, The Most High King of Kings!

Deborah, Indiana

Thank you, Samaritan community, for your support during our pregnancy! We welcomed Edmund Andrew Lee to our home on October 23. Bless you for your notes and, yes, checks. I especially loved that related chiropractic care was shareable. I felt like I was able to take better care of myself without taking away from our family’s resources. Those who gave specifically have probably already received their thank-you notes, but I wanted to thank the larger community as well for being there and making this possible for us and others.

Dianna, Minnesota

Kaitlin with Elias

The Lord is so faithful! Elias was able to come home from the NICU after 60 days!!!

Kaitlin, Texas

My husband and I each had insurance through work but maintained our membership in Samaritan Ministries, because, even though we didn’t need it or use it for years, being able to support and pray for our brothers and sisters in the Lord is such a blessing. This year, we both were in the hospital for a long time. We needed the extra support and we are so glad we maintained it. We are looking forward to the day we can be givers again and not just receivers. We praise God for Samaritan Ministries members!

Rebecca, Illinois

Gracelyn Margaret was born healthy as an answer to prayer.

We wanted to introduce our Samaritan family to Gracelyn Margaret and send a big thank you for sharing in what ended up being a pregnancy filled with lots and lots of specialists and testing.

At our 20-week ultrasound, the maternal-fetal medicine doctor spent no less than 30 minutes trying to convince us to terminate and ended the appointment saying that, since we were not interested, we could go home and wait for our daughter to die—she wouldn’t make it more than a couple more weeks and, if she did, her lungs wouldn’t develop and she would not be viable. She was severely growth restricted, had echogenic bowels, and she had nearly no amniotic fluid.

We went home and cried and prayed. We asked our friends and family to pray. We found a new, more supportive maternal-fetal medicine doctor. Long story short … she was born at 37 weeks and was tiny but healthy and we came home together. Praising God for answered prayers and this tiny miracle.

Trisha, Michigan

Praise God for His mighty provision! 
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