Noteworthy: Accreditation latest Stone of Remembrance

by Michael Miller  ·  Feb 20, 2023

It’s easy to get comfortable even with something as countercultural as health care sharing when things are going well. But sometimes challenges arise.

This month’s newsletter relates good news on a number of those fronts. First, we celebrate the fact that we have been recognized by the Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board. We are grateful to be deemed a safe place for Christians to have their health care needs met.

But that accreditation is actually just the latest instance of God’s gracious actions on our behalf. Anthony Hopp, our chief purpose officer, takes a tour through Samaritan history to recall different challenges that the ministry has faced and that God has brought us through. We have told some of these stories before, but we want to make sure they’re remembered, just as the crossing of the Jordan River by the tribes of Israel was remembered with a memorial of stones.

Please take a moment to thank God for the miraculous things He has done in your life as well ... and maybe pile up your own stones of remembrance.