Pastor Appreciation Month: Bless our shepherds!

by Samaritan Ministries  ·  Jul 14, 2022

With October traditionally being observed as Pastor Appreciation Month, we thought we’d offer some early ideas from our Samaritan Ministries Community Facebook Group members to help you plan ways to bless your church leadership.

We know you appreciate your pastors, and we do, too. They help us by verifying that members meet the membership requirements, for example.

In short, pastors play an important role in helping Samaritan Ministries health care sharing happen.

Shower them with appreciation!

Rebekah: My pastor husband has been a recipient. One year we had a church dinner where members shared testimonies of appreciation and gave cash gifts. One year they presented him with a notebook full of various gift cards. Once he was given a $1,000 voucher for a travel agency with instructions to take a break for fun.

Regina: Our congregation is doing a few things to raise money to give to our pastor. We have a committee to organize and oversee the efforts. We’re going to have a church-wide yard sale. We have set a large water jug in the church foyer to collect loose change for the pastor. We’re also going to have a gospel choir concert, but instead of charging a fee, we’ll take an offering for the pastor.

Carol: My husband, a pastor for 25-plus years, has been really blessed by the different celebrations over the years during Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s a little different each time—potluck or a dessert after church. The main thing is to just encourage! Cards and money are super nice, too.

Sarah: You can:

  • contribute to a pastor’s retirement.
  • be especially caring for a pastor’s family. (Give the pastor a variety of ways to care for their family as much as they care for the church’s families. The pastor’s family is an uncompensated position many times.)
  • provide the pastor with appropriately compensated staff.

Jill: I’ve written a card and made cookies, wrapped them as a gift and given them to both spouses.

You can also:

  • give them a basket of their favorite things.
  • cater and serve the next staff meeting.
  • if they have children, cover childcare and a date night (or several). 

Rachel: My husband and I both serve as staff pastors. In most cases, pastors aren’t paid mega money and our service in the ministry is not about the money anyway. Pastors typically live on a conservative budget, so cash or like-cash gifts are always a blessing. I also love the idea for the travel voucher. Rest is an absolute must, but we rarely take the opportunity as we should.

Michelle: We set out a calendar and had families and individuals sign up to appreciate the pastor during a particular month. A simple text reminder was all it took to spread the love out for an entire year!

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