Remembering Samaritan Board member Bill Kurth

By Ted Pittenger, Founder and Chairman of the Board  ·  Oct 26, 2021

I am saddened to announce that on September 28, SMI Board of Directors member Bill Kurth passed away at the age of 83. 

Surviving are his wife, Karen; a son, Ron; a daughter, Jody; six grandsons; and four great-granddaughters. 

Bill and Karen joined Samaritan in April 1996 and Bill was the first elected member of the Board of Directors, being continuously re-elected as his term came up. When we started the process of expanding the Board from five to nine members, I began appointing Bill to a Board position (our bylaws provide for me to appoint two Board members) so that we could continue to benefit from his institutional knowledge and wisdom while also opening up a position for another elected SMI Board member. 

Bill came to faith in Christ later in his life (in his 40s) and was a man of immovable conviction who displayed Christlike kindness and warmth. He was married to Karen for 62 years and had his own law firm, at which he served small-town Iowans. 
Bill loved Samaritan Ministries and he will be remembered (and missed) for his no-nonsense approach to Board meetings. When a topic seemed to have been sufficiently discussed, he was ready to “call the question” (vote on the motion) and move on to the next topic. We even had a shirt made for him with “Call the question” embroidered on the front.

While we rejoice that Bill is now with the Lord, we grieve that Bill is no longer with us. Bill’s daughter, Jody, also recently lost one of her three sons, so please be praying God’s comfort on the Kurth family.