Roundup of books by members

By Samaritan staff  ·  Jan 12, 2021

Here are some recently published books by some of our members for you to consider.

Skeeter the Squirrel: Beached by Alan Herberger. $9.99, paperback.

A mysterious box is found buried on the beach. There’s just one problem—it’s stuck! Can Skeeter and his friends force the box out of the ground, or will they have to find another solution?

About the series: Working as adventurers-for-hire, Skeeter the squirrel and his friends face dangerous challenges and devious villains every day—proving that, so long as you stand for what’s right and help those in need, adventure will find you. Written for ages 6 and up.

More info: Buy it here.

Poems from the High Prairie by Mary Hohmann. $9.98, paperback.

The high prairie is a hidden world above a winding river valley in the foothills of the Rockies. You cannot see it from the riverbed below. When the valley lies under a dense mat of fog, several thousand feet upward, blue sky and bright sun bathe this prairie grassland.

From the high prairie, you can see snow-covered mountain peaks many miles away. This book of poetry shows how it is possible to live above the valley of this life with its tragedies and failures by choosing the view from the high prairie. Buy it here.

 The Timeout Papers: Teaching Children to Learn and Grow from Their Mistakes by Sally E. Follett. $14.51, spiralbound.

All parents want their children to grow in virtue, but achieving this end requires calm, careful instruction across a broad array of disciplines. The TimeOut Papers is a gentle method of “punishment without tears” that utilizes insightful short essays, prayers, and Bible verses to resolve behavioral problems in ways that lead to virtue and reliance on God. Topics range from disrespecting parents, talking back, whining, and swearing, to lying, fighting, name-calling, gossiping, evading chores, and many more.

If you’re struggling to bring peace and virtue to your home, The TimeOut Papers is a handy resource for training your children in the gospel way of life in a manner that actually works. Buy it here.

Nissim: The Shepherd of Bethlehem by Patrick O’Hearn, illustrated by Michael Corsini. $24.95, hardback.

Throughout history shepherds have been viewed as a simple and unassuming lot. Rediscover the story of Christmas through the eyes of one shepherd boy who longs to meet the Messiah. See how his dreams are fulfilled when he presents a lifelong gift to our Savior. Buy it here.