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Samaritan Staff  ·  Aug 24, 2020

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Just wanted to say I am super excited to have become a member this month. Instead of insurance, what a blessing to be able to give directly every month to another Christian family in their time of need!!



Massive shoutout to Samaritan and a “thank you Jesus” to pass along. Had a $18,000 bill discounted to $9,000, but only if we could get a lightning-fast turnaround of the dollars needed. The Lord made a way and Samaritan got it done with days to spare. This is great for myriad reasons, not the least of which is that this great effort saves the membership $9,000, which can be used for other Needs. Way cool. Credit where credit is due.



Just wanted to say how grateful we are for Samaritan. My husband and I are both self- employed, so major medical health insurance is beyond expensive for our family! We wouldn’t have been able to afford it, so Samaritan has been a lifesaver for us for the past five years. Four years ago, my son broke his arm and needed surgery. Three years ago, the same son had pancreatitis and was in the hospital for several days. Most recently, member Shares helped us for this not-so-little dude being born in May (C-section). In each of these cases, I diligently negotiated as many cash-pay discounts as I could, but we still would’ve been stuck making payments on over $20,000 in remaining bills if it wasn’t for this ministry. We gladly send our Shares and Special Prayer Needs every month knowing that we are alleviating similar burdens for those families as well.


In case you are wondering, this is Gabe and he is in the 99th percentile (or higher) for his height, weight, and head circumference. He was over 10 pounds at birth and is already over 17 pounds at 11 weeks old. NFL, here we come!



Seeking some advice about where to find reasonable cost for lab work? I went to my hospital having been told I would get a 40 percent discount. For six labs and a drawing fee the cost would be $676. ... Thanks in advance for any insight or advice you may have. ...

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your recommendations and personal experiences. I went with Direct Labs and I had a really good experience. I paid $123 for my labs online, went to Quest to get my labs drawn, and received the results the next day. It was a smooth and easy process. I’ll be having my husband use the same resource. Thankful for this community and platform to hear from others.



I’d like to share how God works. I called Samaritan Ministries yesterday with some questions I had about my medical bills. The staff member who was helping me asked how I was doing, so I shared my biggest concerns, that the healing process takes longer than I had expected, and I’m not able to work, and I can’t see how I will be able to pay my bills (besides medical bills). He asked me if he could pray for me, and he lifted me up in his prayers. Only a few hours later, I got a call from one of our church leaders asking if I needed anything, and if I would accept it, the church would have an offering for me. What a mighty God we serve!!! I knew HE would provide, just hadn’t thought HE would answer so quickly.




We were spared but nearby looks like this, half the crop is lost, and some still lack power.  Please pray for Iowa.  We only had a thunderstorm warning, but an hour-long tornado/hurricane-like derecho passed through the state.



Did you all know that you can give to the Special Prayer Needs online through MinistryLinq? I’ll admit that receiving checks in note cards and letters is a special kind of blessing, but I sure struggle to make that extra step. But what those families need is money for their bills, so I’m glad to use this link to send it online!



I had major back surgery in May this year. Anterior and posterior access to my spine. My bills were discounted easily, the Shares are flowing in. It is so humbling to receive all the personal prayers and Shares!

I received an email from Samaritan because members of the Given program had been assigned to share with me. Since they don’t do paper they had written digital notes for me and Samaritan collected them into a 14-page email attachment with 265 prayers for me! I was blown away! 

If any of you were one of those people, let me thank you so much! My heart is bursting with gratefulness and amazement. I am truly humbled to be prayed for so specifically and thought of by so many. My healing has been amazing. Two months out I feel wonderful! Off pain meds after month one. I am speechless.



Praise god for this great news from Samaritan about the Share increase vote! 

“In July we proposed the Share increase, then experienced what turned out to be ***the most dramatic decline in Need submissions that we have seen in Samaritan’s 26-year history.*** Not only were we able to finalize negotiations on most Needs from previous months, but in August there were enough Shares to meet the Needs and begin sharing some September Needs ahead of schedule.”




Hey guys, just wanted to share something I’ve learned. Going to a doctor who has a private practice can be much more affordable than big medical centers. You will also find yourself being treated as a patient instead of a number. You might want to check out a direct primary care doctor who provides services for a reasonable monthly membership fee, at this website:



I absolutely love the fact that the Samaritan staff take the opportunity to pray for me when I call in to ask about a bill. Praise God for this organization!