Why SMI?: It's a different way to do health care

by Michael Miller  ·  Jun 21, 2022

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Although joining a health care sharing ministry required a “mental shift” for Aaron and Renee Hendrickson, becoming Samaritan Ministries members has allowed the couple to see there are “other ways of doing things” in health care.

“It’s really been freeing just to see that you don’t have to be tied to health insurance’s way of doing things,” says Renee, clinic manager at Safe Harbor Free Clinic in Stanwood, Washington. “We’re happy to not be supporting insurance companies that were paying for abortion.”

She says the premium for health insurance through Aaron’s job had risen to nearly $1,200 per month when they decided they needed to look for a better way to meet health care needs.

“We started praying about it and looking around,” Renee says.

They heard about Samaritan from friends, checked it out, and joined.

“We have used it multiple times for smaller items,” she says. “I can only say good about it.”

Sandy Solis, executive director of Safe Harbor, hasn’t had to submit a Need in her four years as a member.

She joined Samaritan after a change in her life situation left her without a way to pay for health care.

“I knew there was such a thing as sharing ministries,” she says. “I knew people who were part of the ministries.”

She also knows now about a different way to take care of her health care needs.

“Samaritan has really opened up my eyes that there are other options out there and that you don’t have to become part of the big insurance system.”

Michael Miller is editor of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter.