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Monthly Share

The amount you send directly to other members each month

$100-$400 per
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$160-$495 per
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Initial Unshareable

Sharing starts once a Need exceeds this threshold.

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Maternity Limit

The maximum that can be shared for a maternity Need.

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Max Shareable

The maximum that’s shareable per Need.


For needs over $250,000

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Save to Share (Optional)
$133-$399 per
+$15 annual
administrative fee

Samaritan Members can opt into Save to Share as an added level of support for large needs. When needs exceed the maximum shareable amount, that’s where Save to Share comes in.

Participants put a designated amount in personal savings each year and periodically include a portion of that savings with the monthly amount that is sent to a member in need.

Administrative Costs

One time startup fee
$200 Non

First year

For the first two months of membership, members send their monthly share to the office. The rest of the year, shares are sent directly to members with Needs

Future years

The next year, members only send one share to the office. The rest of the year they share directly with other members on a monthly basis.

Balanced Stewardship

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Our mission at Samaritan Ministries is to share as many needs and help as many people as possible. Sometimes, our members have more needs than what can be met by the community’s resources. When this happens, we use a process we call prorating to help the greatest number of people possible.

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