Membership Costs

Members of Samaritan Ministries agree to share expenses incurred for qualified medical needs specified in the Membership Guidelines. The amount of money members send to each other, also called a monthly share amount, is based on household size.

The first month's share amount and a $200 administrative fee is required to begin a membership. New members then send their monthly share to Samaritan Ministries' office for the second and sometimes third month. After this initial startup period, new members are notified in their monthly newsletter which other member to send their monthly share to. 

One month each year, usually on the anniversary month of joining the ministry, members send their monthly share amount to Samaritan Ministries' office. This happens annually to pay the administrative costs of the Ministry.

Save to Share™ Option

Members who have elected to be a part of Save to Share™ commit to setting aside a set dollar amount every year. The amount of money that the members who've enrolled in Save to Share™ set aside varies depending on household size.

For one person memberships, the annual set aside amount is $133 annually. Two-person memberships, as well as memberships for widowed/divorced parents with children, set aside $266 annually. Families of three or more set aside $399 annually.

Members that participate in Save to Share™ will be asked over the course of the year to include a portion of or, in some cases, the entirety of their set-aside amount as part of their monthly share. This additional amount is in excess of the regular share amount.