How it works

Freedom to join anytime

Samaritan Ministries is not insurance. You can join today and new members are always welcome. 

No networks

As a Samaritan member, there are no network restrictions. When medical care is needed, you choose the health care provider, hospital, and pharmacy that works best for you.

No ACA or state penalty

Members of health care sharing ministries, like Samaritan Ministries, are exempt from the federal Affordable Care Act and California, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island's Individual mandate.

Sending your monthly sharing portion

The monthly sharing portion is the amount you send directly to another member to help pay medical expenses and is based on the sharing level you select.


Fund your sharing wallet

Your monthly share deposit, a fixed dollar amount based on the sharing level you select, automatically transfers from your personal bank account to your sharing wallet within the Samaritan Given app.


Send your sharing portion

The money in your sharing wallet sent to other members is called a sharing portion. The dollar amount of your sharing portion will vary each month based on the medical needs of fellow members and will never exceed the amount in your wallet.


Check your messages

Each month you will receive a notification when it's time to send your sharing portion. Login to your app, select sharing, and send directly to a member in need.


Send a note and pray

Encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ. After you send your sharing portion, pray for the member and send a note through the app. Know that when you have a need someone will pray for you, too.

Submission Illustration

Automated bill submission

Present your membership card and your provider will send your medical bill directly to Samaritan Ministries. The sharing process takes about 45 – 60 days from the time the itemized bill is received.


Present your membership card

When you need medical care, go the provider of your choice and present your Samaritan Given membership card. Your provider will send the bill to Samaritan Ministries. Present your membership card to the pharmacist when you need to have a prescription filled.


Samaritan assigns eligible bills

Samaritan Ministries will process and negotiate the bill amount on your behalf. The final shareable amount will be assigned to members who will send their sharing portions to your bill pay account.


Your provider is paid

Your provider electronically receives the shared amount from your bill pay account. You will receive a bill from your provider for any unshareable amount.


Share your story

We want to know about your sharing experience! Tell your friends and family how you’ve seen God’s faithfulness through the process.