Medical needs and the Guidelines

What is a medical need?

Samaritan Ministries members generally share for new symptom-related medical needs that total between $300 and $250,000, with some exceptions. In general, a medical need is an illness or injury resulting in visits to medical doctors, emergency rooms, testing facilities, or hospitals. These needs are shared on a per-person, per-incident basis.

Questions about medical needs?

Want specific information about which medical needs members share?

Please read through the Guidelines

Member testimonies

John and Julie

Listen to John and Julie describe how the shares from Samaritan Ministries members helped ease the financial stress of their medical need.

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Who decides what can be shared?

The Guidelines govern Samaritan Ministries and are the authoritative document regarding membership and the types of medical needs Samaritan Ministries shares. As medicine continues to make new developments, the Guidelines need to stay up to date, so they are regularly reviewed. Our member-elected Board is the primary source for Guideline revisions, and as such, the Guidelines reflect the overall pulse and attitude of our membership when it comes to what needs we share. Answers to most questions can be found in the Guidelines.