We are a community of Christians, helping each other with health care.

The Samaritan Ministries community

The Samaritan Ministries community of believers from all over the globe share medical needs. Members are spread across the United States and Canada, and some are serving as missionaries in foreign countries. All members, regardless of where they reside, join together to help members in need.

Real testimonies

“God has been so good to us during my battle with cancer. Many of the members, in fact, most, sent very personal encouraging notes with their share. They don’t know me and we probably will never meet, but their family was praying for me ... I knew I wasn’t alone in this. My family was thought of and prayed for all across the country. What an encouragement! It meant so much ... Samaritan Ministries is truly a testimony of God’s love for His children.”

–Vern and Delores Eliason – Fredonia, WI

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The sharing process

1 A medical need begins

When a member has a health care Need, he receives heath care treatment from a provider of his choice, collects the bills, and sends them to Samaritan Ministries.

2 We publish the need

Samaritan Ministries verifies that the Need meets the Guidelines. Then, in the monthly newsletter mailing, Samaritan Ministries directs some members to send their Shares to the member with the Need.

3 Shares are received

The member with the Need receives the Shares to pay his health care bills along with prayer and notes of encouragement.

Medical needs

Symptom-related medical needs that meet the Guidelines are shared by Samaritan Ministries members. Multiple members join together to help the member in need.

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Health resources

Samaritan Ministries members have access to many time and money-saving resources. These tools are available to members as part of their membership.

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Legal requirements

Samaritan Ministries members are exempt from the federal health care law’s (Affordable Care Act, U.S. Public Law 111-148) requirement that you have health insurance or pay a penalty-tax (see 26 United States Code Section 5000A, (d), (2), (B)).

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