How Medical Needs are Shared

What members do

Every month, Samaritan Ministries members generously give to other members with a qualified medical need. Members send checks, prayers, and notes of encouragement directly to the member in need. Because we’re lifting each other up in prayer in addition to sharing monetary gifts, members can minister to the whole need, including the physical, spiritual, and financial aspects.

Health care sharing is a unique opportunity for members to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Samaritan Ministries direct sharing model is a Biblical approach to paying for health care, based on passages like Galatians 6:2, which says “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Samaritan Ministries members share more than $25 million monthly.

What does sharing a need look like?

Samaritan Ministries members share directly with one another, every month. Here's a look at how it works.

Gathering the bills

When a member has been treated for an illness or injury, they collect itemized bills from their doctor and submit them to Samaritan Ministries.

Processing the bills

Bills are reviewed to make sure they meet the Guidelines. Then members are assigned to send their shares to the member with the need.

Paying the bills

Members send their shares by the 15th of the month so the member with the medical need can pay their bills on time.

Have more bills later?

Not all the bills come at once, and that's ok! If more bills show up later, a member just sends them to Samaritan Ministries and the process begins again!

Save to Share™

Save to Share™ is an optional program designed to help members with qualified needs that exceed $250,000. Participating members save a designated amount each year for Save to Share™. Members who choose to participate will periodically include a portion of their savings with their monthly share amount that is sent to a member in need.